Recover Deleted Photos Or Lost Data For Free With This Simple Trick

Recover Deleted Photos Or DataNow a days all the smart phone users stores important documents and photos in their smart phone, but many a times that photos gets deleted and user ends up with lots of worries. There are many tricks available from which one can recover their deleted photos, documents and other data. Here I am going to share you simple trick from which one can easily recover their photos or any other data. For this you just need to install one software.

Step 1: Location of your photos or data.

  • To recover photos or any other data from PC or Pendrive first of all you need to check, in which location the deleted photos or data was stored.

Note: If you want to recover the deleted photos from phone memory or external memory card, then please connect it to your PC.

  • If the photos was stored in the phone memory, then you need to know the exact location of that photo, i.e in which folder and at which place the photo was stored. Because the deleted photos gets hidden by the operating system, And new photos gets placed in that location.
  • So due to this, the deleted photos gets permanently deleted, and at the end it becomes very difficult to recover that photos.
  • The photos which are deleted from memory card are hidden by the memory card, so users are unable to see it. At this time if the memory card gets formatted then it becomes difficult to recover the deleted photos.

Step 2: Recovery Software.

  • To recover the photos from the phone you need an additional recovery software. You can also recover deleted photos from the root file, but only a professional programmer can do this, because for this it is very necessary to have a high level of technical knowledge. So an easy way to recover photos is using a third party software. And for this most of the people use EaseUS Data Recovery Software now a days.

Step 3: How to to download this software.

  • This software helps to recover data from any of the file system like FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, etc.. This Software works easily with any version of windows.
  • Now install this software.

Step 4: How to use this software.

  • Open the software. You will see a window as shown below.

  • Free Data has an indicator in the red box below which will show you the left amount you can still use. Please note that the default free space is 500MB and you can click Face Book, Twitter or Google+ any one of the button to share the software to gain 1.5GB more free space.

  • This product will process a fast scan first. Mostly it can be finished in minutes and list some recent deleted files. But if the needed one is not present among them from Quick Scan Result, checking Deep Scan Result can bring you more files to filter (Deep Scan usually requires much more time than fast scan).

  • All detected data will be listed, as soon as you found the data which you want to recover, pause the scan and tick on all the check box’s of the file which you want to recover. At last click on the recover button which is highlighted in orange colour. You will be asked to choose the location to save the recover file. Choose the location and click on Ok button.




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